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The above spinning Pepsi logo and the Mr. Pepsi logo 
were designed by me and are copyrighted. 


Since 2007 I have been competing in SCCA SoloII here in the Bay Area. SCCA is the Sports Car Club of America. SoloII is a timed competition where SCCA rents parking lots around the bay area and sets up a short course using cones. Participants then bring any type of safe car to the event, from showroom stock cars to fully prepared racing cars and drive those cars through the course as quickly as they can without hitting any cones. You are then ranked against cars similar to yours, (called classes) and also ranked against all cars that ran for the day. There are 15-20 competitions throughout the year and winners of their class win trophies and claps at the end of the year.


Now even newer Motorcycle
Shortly after I began walking, I began riding. I was five when I received my first motorcycle. It was an ancient Honda 50 with no clutch. Since that day I have owned I think 10 motorcycles. Four of them dirt bikes, and the rest street bikes. Most common among them was the Kawasaki Ninja. So now that I'm growing older, I have stepped away from the Ninja, and purchased a Ninja based Kawasaki Concours. See it using the link above.


This is devoted to my photography. I call myself an "amateur wanna-be". I'd like to some day turn semi-professional, but for now it is simply a hobby. Any feedback is always appreciated!

This has an art project from College. This was a project I did in Graphic Design and has quite a few of my pictures from the past years.
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One example.

Personal Logo Project


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